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Content Portfolio

Marketing - Call of the Golden Valley

Marketing, brand management, and content creation for O'Saurus Studios, currently working on the game Call of the Golden Valley, due for release late 2024. This included the creation of the pre-release trailer.

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YEAH! Campaign

Designed graphics and all social media material for fundraising campaign.

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RAV Annual Report Design and Editing

Compiled and edited Regional Arts Victoria's Annual Reports for 2021 and 2022. 
Did full layout and design of all graphics for their 2023 Annual Report

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Coordinated new RAV Website, plus ongoing maintenance

Co-coordinated content for a new Wordpress build of the Regional Arts Victoria’s website. Since early 2024, have been solely responsible for most major updates and page design.

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Working with ND Folks Presentation

Researched, designed and presented a presentation to RAV staff on Working with ND folk. 

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Questy Quest Store Optimisation

Researched keywords and analytics to co-write game description for optimization on app stores for mobile game Questy Quest for Mighty Games Group. Marketed it's launch in 2016.

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